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The rules of Nexus

* Nexus is an adult server and you must be more than 18 years old to play.

* Minor characters are strictly forbidden, so you can never play a child in any way. Any derogation from this rule will result in a definitive banishment from the player.

* You must have been aware of this message.

* Failure to comply with one of its rules will be sanctioned in the following manner :

* A warning (first time)

* One week banishment (second time)

* A definitive banishment (third time)

* The rules can be changed by the administrator in the event of an update.

1 * The respect

All disrespectful, racist, impolite, religious, sexually explicit or humiliating comments are not tolerated on Nexus.
All messages that do not comply with this rule will be automatically deleted by the administrator.

2 * RP behavior

You're on a social PR server.
However, you must comply with the following rules when you are at stake :

* The channels of discussion are regulated :

* MD Channel : Only usable for communicating with an MD.
* The talk channel : generally usable for RP. It is advisable to say what is HRP between ().
* The shouting channel : usable only for important or relevant RP actions. It is also used to show you to the community for your greetings or disconnections.
* Private channel : Usable for HRP.
* The WHISPER Channel : Ditto as the channel speak.
* The group channel : usable for your group actions or for group HRP.
* In RP mode, feelings are expressed between * * (example: * smiles *).

3 * The language

SMS language is deprecated in both the game and the Forum.
Consider rereading your texts and correcting them before sending them.
For those who have problems with spelling, here is a site that can help you :

4 * The Staff

* MD's, builders, scripters, Lore writers are there voluntarily, you must respect them.
* The decision of an MD is an act of faith. However, in the event of a dispute, only the administrator shall decide and the decision will be final (any dispute will be sent only by MP to the administrator).
* Any request to an MD will be made by MP on the forum except :

* For a technical problem or there, you can ask an MD to intervene online.
* If the MD is online especially for your various requests.

5 * RP death

The RP death of a character is solely the responsibility of the player.
Under no circumstances will the staff give RP death on Nexus.

6 * The consent

Violent or obscene PR scenes such as torture, rape, sex and Cie are tolerated only between consenting and major players. Of course, we will not check who is behind the screen, but we are clear of any complaints in this regard.

Don't forget that Nexus is open only to over 18 years.

In the case of this type of RP, you will first ask the other player his age and if the RP does not shock him or her.

Non-major characters in the game are banned from pink PR or pedophile-prone. Any offender to this rule will be permanently banned from the server immediately and without warning, as well as from the forum.


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Rules of Nexus
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